Westland Gardens provides a full range of residential landscape services, including landscape design, installation, and garden development coaching.



Site Planning:

  • Client program development and concept bubble diagramming.
  • Site survey & analysis based upon the Permaculture zones & sectors and “scales of permanence.”
  • Conceptual master plans and phasing plans, staking plans, and grading plans.

Design Details:

  • Construction details for wood structures and stone paving, retaining walls.
  • Planting plans specializing in edible forest garden and native species design.
  • Low pressure drip irrigation, rain gardens and rainwater harvesting.

Garden Coaching:

Many people enjoy building their own gardens, and we salute them for it!  Getting great results is easier with good coaching. Planning is the key, so start simply with a garden consultation.   Westland Gardens can then provide help with developing a Site Plan, and an on-going source of answers to all of your puzzling questions, as you navigate through the garden building process.



All phases of installation are provided on a contractual basis, where the design drawings and contract description fully detail the scope of the work to be provided.


Gardens take time to develop, so Westland Gardens provides maintenance services to insure that the design intent is achieved by annual or seasonal editing. We don’t plant many lawns and we aren’t a mow-n-blow service. What we do provide is knowledgeable and skillful maintenance.

Old Garden Renovations

Mature gardens are usually the result of years of growth, and sometimes what’s needed first is a thorough renovation of the existing garden. Westland Gardens is fully capable of identifying the plants in your garden and conducting the proper pruning, as well as recommending when it is time to remove some plants; then new plantings can be wisely chosen to fill gaps.


Westland Gardens Inc. is a Specialty Contractor, licensed by the State of Washington, and as such we work by contract with our clients. This provides the best, up-front understanding about what the client and the contractor can expect. Our contracts are developed based upon our estimated expense of time and cost of materials.

Design work is also bid by contract. We have a lot of experience with the design process, and removing the clock from the design process has a liberating affect.

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